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99.99% Germs

Why YOU Should Use Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is known for killing 99.99% of many common germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Due to this, it has been widely used in the medical industry and households all around the world for decades now. Its main purpose is to prevent the escalation of many known illnesses, as well as disinfect and sanitize spaces.

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to germs and virus

The spread of Coronavirus in India and the world can thus be greatly hindered by proper hygiene, which is where hand sanitizer comes in. While it is by no means a cure for the disease itself, sometimes prevention can be the best medicine. Therefore, we recommend using it any time your hands come in contact with commonly used surfaces that pose an infection or risk.

Why is MEDWELL Hand Sanitizer effective in killing germs?

Alcohol is an effective germ killing agent that has been used for centuries. Best of all, it works fast at killing germs. As product of WHO-GMP certified company, MEDWELL Hand Sanitizer comes in various formulations that contains Alcohol, Glycerin, Hydrogen peroxide and Sterile distilled water, which is an effective level of formulation, proven to kill germs and help keep you and your family protected. MEDWELL Hand Sanitizer is available in four convenient sizes and is suitable to use every day at home as well as Hospitals, Restarurents, Offices, Shops, Schools, Various Industries, work places and widely used in public areas.


Good hand hygiene is one of the best ways to help avoid the spread of germs.

To help keep your employees, and those around them healthy, always practice good hygiene routines. Some tips include coughing, sneezing into a tissue and not hands, keeping cuts or scratches covered, encouraging others to clean their hands, using a stay at home policy for people that are not well.

Employing a high standard of hand hygiene at your work place will help prevent the spread of germs and contribute toward maintaining a productive and quality working environment.

As hand santizers are so much more convenient, you are more likely to clean your hands when you have hand sanitizer nearby.

It offers a quick and convenient way to sanitise your hands on the go

Leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean

Where all MEDWELL Hand Sanitizer can be used

Public Places